Fixed and Mobile Asset Management Services 


No matter what the demographic, business vertical or niche market we supply, AIS LTD's products shall be dynamic and
owerful enough to meet all of the demands of each our clients internationally.

Professional Services

A common attribute of each of our team members will be the professionalism and attentiveness displayed towards an
organization's needs. Every member of the AIS Ltd team shall recognise that all our clients are different and where
possible will tailor project schedules and content to ensure that all of their requirements are fulfilled.


When assigned to a project each team member shall be solely committed to fulfilling the project objectives and where
required dedicate additional time/resources to ensure the success of the project. We will pride ourselves on the ability
to continuosly deliver projects on-time and on-budget.


Our clients can rest assured that all work delivered is of the highest standart and quality.
Technological Research and Development