About Us


AIS Ltd seeks to compliment organisations asset management processes and resources by providing a web based interactive software application supported by a powerful database.
In addition to asset management our services extend and are not limited to:
Certification management
Certification gap analysis
Systems Integration
Latest Technologies and Developments
Best Practice Methodologies

Our Experience
Our team can provide valuable assistance in all facets of asset management. The depth of our experience allows each team member to draw on past experiences and provide the most suitable solution to your problems. AIS Ltd are constantly researching and developing the functionality and standard of its software and processes. This will allows us to offer services utilising the latest software technology, ensuring that our business is always at the forefront of Asset Integrity Management.

Our mission is to be the asset integrity system and service provider of choice to the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, LNG and renewable energy markets.

Asset Integrity Systems Ltd keys to success include:
1. A team of committed people that will drive the business and make our mission happen.
2. A group of stakeholders that will support us in the development of our product portfolio from concept to market.
3. A team approach on most activities of development, implementation and commercialisation of our product portfolio.
4. Many relevant contacts among the previously identified market sectors.