Asset Integrity System (AIS)

Our Mission

Our Mission, vision and values are to be the asset integrity system and service provider of choice to the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, LNG and renewable energy markets. The management of physical assets, maintenance, inspection and renewal - plays a key role in determining the operational performance, safety and profitability of any industry. Deterioration processes such as fatigue and corrosion can always be present to some degree.

The challenge to management is to ensure that the integrity of engineered systems such as offshore structures, ships, pipelines and process systems is maintained throughout the anticipated service life.
The objectives of an Asset Integrity Management System are the delivery of business requirements to maximize return on assets, whilst maintaining stakeholder value and minimize business risks associated with accidents and loss of production. Asset Integrity is the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst safeguarding life and the environment. The related management activities ensure that the people, systems, processes and resources which deliver integrity are in place, in use and fit for purpose over the whole life-cycle of the asset.

AIS have developed Certification Integrity Management System (CIMS), a dynamic and powerful system to pro-actively manage and maintain integrity of an asset. The application can be populated with every tagged item on the asset, including associated inspection requirements, frequency and status. The system will also manage the storage and deployment of packages/skids to and from any asset, issuing an electronic certification dossier to the asset prior to the package/skids deployment.








For the asst owner/operator;
CIMS will manage the certification status of any or all tagged items. In CIMS tagged items are grouped within systems and sub-systems. 3rd party specialist inspections are managed within the system along with audit reports and audit action closure, with evidence recorded.

CIMS will automatically generate emails, reports and reminders to all parties with full transparency and audit trail to show proactive actions.

All Industries have the same problem of tracking these very important Safety and Integrity items, but CIMS will track, report, and inform not just you but the staff, vendor and operator in a timely manner so as action can be taken.

For the 3rd party specialist equipment/plant provider;
CIMS will manage certification of your packages/skids whether stored within the warehouse or deployed on an asset. CIMS will verify the certification of all tagged items within a skid or package prior to deployment and will compile a electronic certification dossier which can be emailed to site and client representatives on the asset.

For the 3rd party specialist inspection provider;
CIMS will be populated with inspection criteria in line with associated standards.Inspections are carried out via the PDA and once completed and uploaded to the system, reports are generated instantaneously, for prompt issue to clients.

CIMS reports are tailored to suit clients standard templates. Photograpic evidence is logged via the PDA.

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CIMS Integrity Benefits

  • Proactive certification management
  • Provides a common system for the complete management of the assets certification and integrity, Including manuals, data sheets, drawings,  maintenance records and competency.
  • CIMS reporting module provides 'one click' interrogation and reporting.
  • The system is flexible and not restricted by any type of asset.
  • Provides a visual representation of the asset via its user friendly interface and minimal training required for its operation.
  • Secure system, user protocol is managed with a click of a button.
  • Continuity and integrity of data is maintained.
  • Updating of records easily through hand help / PDA and desktop applications.

CIMS Financial Benefit

  • Direct-Reduction in re-work and double handling due to mismanagement of certification and inspection reports
  • Reduced risk of litigation or Insurance claims due to non-compliance with standards
  • Avoidance of regulatory fines and / or prosecution following an accident or incident.
  • Indirect - Long term savings in repeat inspection costs utilising handheld or PDA inspection applications.
  • Shutdown planning and management function

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